How to Keep Your Home Free of Mold – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Keep a log of. extent of damage to your home, ask your adjuster to inspect your house again. If you’ve received second opinions from independent contractors or other professionals, such as a.

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Step 1, Keep an eye on the humidity levels. Mold grows where there’s moisture, so keeping your house dry is one of the most important ways to prevent mold. Install a hygrometer in your home, as this will measure the moisture levels inside. Ideally, you want to keep the humidity level in your house below 60 percent to prevent mold growth.[1]Step 2, Open windows when bathing. To prevent too much moisture from building up in the bathroom when you shower or bathe, open a window in the bathroom.

Here are 4 signs you need a mold test for your home. 888-922. the air you are constantly breathing inside your house and the. to get a FREE Estimate now! Name *.

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How to Detect Mold in Your Basement or Home. You won’t always know if there is mold in a house you’re considering buying, but you can take a few easy steps to try and find out. Be on the lookout for mold. When you’re thinking about buying a home, look for the elements above to figure out if there are any obvious signs of mold or the potential.

Condensation. If you see a lot of condensation in your home then it’s a sign that you have a high amount of moisture and hence a sign that you could have a mold problem. Condensation will occur on surfaces such as glass windows or metal pipes. Mold could be growing where the condensation builds up and collects.

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For building owners, managers and supervisors, NIOSH offers a number of tips, including: For more detailed recommendations from NIOSH on how to keep your workplace free from mold, go to

Need A Mold Inspector? (650) 742-8150. Need Mold Lab Services? (800) 224-1527 . For Consumers. The Truth About Toxic Molds. Can I Use Home Mold Testing Kits? What Is Mold Testing? How Is Mold Testing Performed? How Much Do Mold Inspections Cost? Find a Mold Inspector. Questions To Ask Your mold inspector. request mold inspection referrals . For.