Colorado officer quits after confronting rubbish picker

Boulder police have now launched an investigation after the video. at least five officers were filmed confronting a black man picking up trash outside his own house. to 'put down the weapon', referring to the litter-picker in his hand.. and consoles the Formula 2 racer's grieving mother after fatal crash.

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DENVER (AP) – A white colorado police officer who confronted a. I’m picking up trash and you’re holding a gun!" After about eight minutes, more Boulder police officers arrive and form a loose half.

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Views:1 Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionColorado police confront man picking up trash on his lawn A police officer in Colorado has resigned after confronting a black student picking up rubbish outside his shared accommodation. John Smyly questioned and followed Naropa University student Zayd Atkinson near his home in Boulder.

 · A police officer in Colorado has resigned after confronting a black student picking up rubbish outside his shared accommodation. John Smyly questioned and.

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Most officers do difficult, dangerous work confronting unpleasant. Such is the case of Boulder, Colo., police officer John Smyly over his. After Atkinson showed a student ID and then asked if he had to. Instead, he followed Atkinson, threatening to tase the student because he was carrying a trash picker.