Chris Watts admitted to killing pregnant wife and daughters. Then he got love letters

Christopher Watts, the Colorado man who is serving a life sentence for killing his pregnant wife. old daughter, Bella, witnessed him dragging the body down the stairs. “What is wrong with Mommy?”.

 · Chris Watts Killed His Family. Then The Love Letters Started Rolling In.. His pregnant wife and their two daughters had vanished. Within a day, he was in handcuffs. Police found his wife, Shanann Watts, 34, buried in a shallow grave at an oil field owned by his employer.. Investigators believe Chris Watts killed his family because he was.

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Nancy grace compared chris watts killing his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their children to a Rubik’s Cube in an attempt to explain the public’s fascination with the case.

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Murderer Chris Watts Is Getting Love Letters in Prison From Women When the girlfriend of Chris Watts first saw the media coverage about his missing pregnant wife and their two young daughters. “I got lost in those stunning green eyes.” Watts originally admitted.

Leading a double life: While appearing as a family man, chris watts wrote love letters to another woman before murdering wife, 2 daughters. out he was with his coworker Nichol Kessinger. Kessinger.

.him of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters, told police he was ‘acting weird’ and predicted She said he was telling people ‘He has to go to work’ and that didn’t ‘seem right‘ watts killed his pregnant wife Shanann and their two daughters in August Shanann Watts’ mother immediately expected her daughter’s husband had killed her and even.

Then The Love Letters Started Rolling In. His pregnant wife and their two daughters had vanished. domestic violence killings are common and rarely get sustained national media attention. Chris Watts eventually admitted to all three murders and was sentenced to life behind bars.

 · Text and recorded audio files were released by Colorado officials Thursday after an in-prison interview with Chris Watts. On Feb. 18, over a span of five hours, Watts shared with investigators more disturbing details in how he killed his wife, Shanann, and their two daughters in August 2018.

The girlfriend of Chris Watts, the Colorado man serving multiple life sentences for murdering his pregnant wife, Shanann, and two daughters, helped police crack the case.

Chris Watts was arrested Thursday and charged with the murder of his pregnant wife and two kids. The bodies of Shanann Watts and their daughters were found late last week and authorities are.